Tell Congress: Kavanaugh Won't Protect Our Rights

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Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings affirmed what we already feared – Judge Kavanaugh will not protect reproductive rights. As the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote is pending, the full Senate could vote within two days of the committee vote. That means this is a critical time for Senate offices to hear from constituents, so please call your senators to oppose Kavanaugh.


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I am a constituent in Senator _________________’s state. Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings did not ease any fears that he will not stand up for health care, especially for reproductive health care. Access to health care, particularly access to birth control and abortion care, is already under attack from this administration. We need Supreme Court justices who will protect health care, not one who would vote to remove protections. Judge Kavanaugh would not protect our access to health care and I urge Senator _________________ to oppose him.