Tell Congress to Address Maternal Mortality

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With the House passing legislation to address maternal mortality, this week we are asking the Senate to push for a vote on a similar bill, the Maternal Health Accountability Act (S. 1112). This is bipartisan legislation that was introduced to address maternal mortality by supporting maternal mortality review committees (MMRCs), which are interdisciplinary groups of experts that are examining maternal death cases and identifying ways to prevent future deaths, including addressing health disparities that lead to higher rates of maternal mortality for Black women, the role of the opioid epidemic in maternal mortality rates, and identifying preventable conditions. Please ask your senator push Senate leadership to bring the bill up for a vote.

Suggested Script:

I am a physician and a constituent in Senator ____'s state. I am concerned about the rising rates of maternal mortality across our country. One of the ways Congress can address this public health crisis is to move forward the Maternal Health Accountability Act, a bipartisan bill that supports the development and ongoing work of state maternal mortality review committees through funding from the CDC. With the House passing a similar bill this week, I am asking Senator ____ to push for a vote in the Senate so that this legislation moves closer to becoming law.