Tell Senators to Oppose Attorney General Nomination

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Next week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on the nomination of William Barr for United States Attorney General. Barr has a long and explicit record of opposition to reproductive rights and has aligned with extreme anti-abortion organizations. We believe that former Attorney General Barr does not possess the ability to fairly oversee the Department of Justice and meet its obligations to protect reproductive health care rights and access without prejudice and are asking you to call your Senators and voice your concerns.

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I am a physician and a constituent in Senator ____'s state. I am deeply concerned about the nomination of William Barr for Attorney General. Former Attorney General Barr has an extensive history of opposing laws protecting health care access and reproductive health care. He believes Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned. We cannot allow the personal ideology of our next Attorney General to prevent the Department of Justice from both fairly enforcing our laws and protecting our constitutional rights. Please oppose the nomination of William Barr for Attorney General.