Tell Congress to Support the Raise the Wage Act

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This week we are asking you to call your Senators to support the Raise the Wage Act, a crucial step to ensure that people can work with equity, dignity, and safety. The bill would not only raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 an hour by 2024, but it would also index the minimum wage starting in 2024 so that it continues to rise with wages overall. It would also phase out unfair exclusions for tipped workers, youth, and people with disabilities. To learn more about the impact the Raise the Wage Act would have in your state, look up state-by-state data.

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I am a physician/constituent form [your state] and I am calling to urge Senator __________ to support the Raise the Wage Act which would establish one fair minimum wage by 2024, and remove unfair exclusions towards people with disabilities, youth, and tipped workers. This is a key step toward equity, dignity, and safety for people at work. Raising wages for all working people will have direct benefits for them and their families which include increasing access to healthcare, reducing poverty, and helping to close the gender wage gap.