Help Team Stachtistical Power "let it grow" in support of cancer care!

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We're Team Stachtistical Power, part of the Decision Support team at PRHC, and as you can see from our amazing group photo, we're "letting it grow" to help raise money in support of new equipment for cancer care at our hospital.

We've partnered with the PRHC Foundation to raise funds toward the purchase of cystoscopes, which help improve diagnosis and follow-up for patients with prostate cancer, kidney cancer or bladder cancer. Cystoscopes are a critical diagnostic tool that allows PRHC's urologists to examine a patient without making an incision, resulting in less pain and shorter hospital stays for patients. This is just one of the many ways that our hospital is constantly working to make sure your family and friends have access to the latest and greatest in cancer care technology.

But we can't do it alone! We need your help.

The Decision Support and Finance teams at PRHC are raising $5,000 toward the purchase of cystoscopes, and Team Stachtistical Power wants to be the first to reach our goal of $2,500. Your donations will help us beat Team Stache Surplus -- but most importantly, you'll also be helping to ensure that our hospital's physicians, nurses and staff have the tools and equipment they need to deliver great care for the people you love.

Thank you for making great care possible.

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