The best gifts don't just bring a moment of happiness, they bring a lifetime of opportunity. Now you can choose from a variety of gifts that give back with our symbolic gift-giving program.

Purchase one of our Gifts of Hope, dedicate it to someone special and help children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired reach their full potential.

More information about Dolly sensory toy
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Dolly sensory toy
For $10 you can help purchase items like this dolly, a sensory accessible toy used in Perkins Early Learning Center.


More information about Six pack of scented paint
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Six pack of scented paint
Your gift can help purchase a six pack of scented paint--making art class a fun, multi-sensory experience.


More information about Braille storybook
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Braille storybook
You gift can help provide a child who is blind or visually impaired with a braille storybook--perhaps the first step toward learning braille for a preschooler.


More information about Slate and stylus
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Slate and stylus
In many parts of the world a slate and stylus is hard to come by--your gift can help ensure a future of greater possibilities for one child.