The best gifts don't just bring a moment of happiness, they bring a lifetime of opportunity. Now you can choose from a variety of gifts that give back with our symbolic gift-giving program.

Purchase one of our Gifts of Hope, dedicate it to someone special and help children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired reach their full potential.

More information about Sewing machine
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Sewing machine
Your gift can help purchase a sewing machine used to create textured pieces such as Perkins' student quilt--a time-honored annual tradition.


More information about Student transportation for one year
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Student transportation for one year
Your gift can help provide a student in a developing country with transportation to and from school for one year.


More information about Outreach short course
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Outreach short course
Your gift can help a public school student who is blind or visually impaired attend a life skills course at Perkins School for the Blind.


More information about Translate books from English to a native language
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Translate books from English to a native language
Your gift can help bring a community from isolation to understanding by translating books and other resources from English to a native language.


More information about Life and animal science
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Life and animal science
Your gift can help cover the costs of a tactile life science project conducted by students in Perkins' Secondary Program.


More information about Specialized classroom software
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Specialized classroom software
Your gift can help cover the cost of specialized classroom software, text-to-speech technology or devices with built-in accessibility, like Apple's iPad.


More information about Teaching series for educators
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Teaching series for educators
Your gift can help bring a series of teacher trainings to one school in a developing country and improve educational outcomes for children throughout a region.