The best gifts don't just bring a moment of happiness, they bring a lifetime of opportunity. Now you can choose from a variety of gifts that give back with our symbolic gift-giving program.

Purchase one of our Gifts of Hope, dedicate it to someone special and help children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired reach their full potential.

More information about Adjustable craft table
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Adjustable craft table
Your gift can help provide an adjustable craft table that accommodates a wheelchair.


More information about Provide a student with a Perkins Brailler
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Provide a student with a Perkins Brailler
Your gift can help level the playing field for a student who is blind by giving them access to a Perkins Brailer.


More information about Parent support group
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Parent support group
Your gift can help start a support group for parents to join together and become catalysts for change.


More information about Work skills for four
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Work skills for four
Your gift can help provide work training skills for four young adults who are blind, deafblind, or visually impaired--preparing them for independent living.


More information about Braille math textbook
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Braille math textbook
Your gift can help cover the cost of brailling a math textbook used by students in Perkins Secondary Program or Lower School.


More information about Sponsor an educator
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Sponsor an educator
Your gift can help train an educator from another country to become a leader and an ambassador of hope for children who are blind, deafblind or blind with multiple disabilities.


More information about Vision assessment kit
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Vision assessment kit
Your gift can help replenish our supply of vision assessment kits, which teachers take on their first home visit.


More information about After-school PE instructor
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After-school PE instructor
Your gift can help pay for one year of hiring instructors for Perkins' after-school physical education program.