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Universal Reader

Universal Reader

The Universal Reader is a very easy-to-use utility that reads to you. The best part is that it works with virtually any application. Use it to read your email, your WORD documents, spreadsheets even web pages. It is as simple as selecting what you want it to read and then click on the floating toolbar and it starts to read. It takes about 2 minutes to install and even less time to learn how to use it.

It reads to you, and only when you want it to. It is not a "screen reader" that reads everything and produces a constant chatter. The Universal Reader is silent until you want it to read. The Universal Reader has a view window, which will display what is being read. If you only want to listen without the on-screen display, you can close this window and still have the toolbar active. To make viewing easier, you can change the text and background color, select a font and even enlarge the font up to 5 times it’s original size. It even highlights the word as it is being read.


  • It comes with many voices to pick from.
  • Adjustable View Window.
  • Choice of Small or Large Icons on the toolbar.
  • Built in Video Training.
  • Adjustable speaking speed.
  • Optional view window Displays what is being read.
  • Highlights the word as it is read.
  • Talking Pointer lets you simply place cursor over text, icons, etc. to read.
  • Adjustable Fonts and Font Sizes.
  • Selectable Colors Foreground and Background.
  • The ability to keep the Toolbar on top at all times.
  • Works with ALL programs.
  • Can Read email files, Web Pages and even Help Files.
System Requirements
  • CPU: 500 MHz Pentium or Faster
  • Memory: 128 MB of Ram (256 MB of RAM is required for some programs)
  • Sound Card. Disk Space: 75 MB (200MB for the Cepstral Voices)
  • Operating System: Windows XP Home, Professional, or Vista.

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