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Clean to the Touch

Housekeeping for Teenagers and Young Adults with Visual Impairments

Clean to the Touch

Authors: Kathy Bull, Susan Lind-Sinanian, Eleanor Martin.

Clean to the Touch is a manual designed to present easy-to-use, step-by-step techniques that enable people with visual impairments to undertake housecleaning tasks with ease and effectiveness. This systematic approach designed specifically for students who are blind and visually impaired ensures success in these very important independent living skills. Areas of the home included are: the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and floors along with information on room arrangement, cleaner safety and storage and other useful tips. Though designed for adolescents, these techniques are helpful for people of all ages, including adults experiencing vision loss. 190 pages.

Available in regular print, braille, audio and electronic braille formats.

Also available in Spanish:
Download Limpiar al Tacto: Tareas domésticas para adolescentes y jóvenes adultos con Discapacidades Visuales

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