Living Condition Improvement Project - Vietnam


Living Condition Improvement Project - VietnamLocation: The Ha Nam Orphanage in Ha Nam Province and the Dong Da Friendship Orphanage in Hanoi

Beneficiaries: 102 children who are residents of the orphanages

Background: The summer in Vietnam is coming in a few months, bringing with it average temperatures of 102 to 108 degrees and frequent power outages. For the children living in two of the orphanages (which we help to support through our child sponsorship program) this means they are often left without relief. When the power goes out, they don’t have water to shower, electricity to study, or fans to make the heat bearable. In the past, even when the electricity worked, a lack of fans has meant that in the extreme heat some children suffered from dehydration, hyperthermia, heat stress, exhaustion, and fainting.

Some of the children in these orphanages are disabled, some have HIV … and all of them are disadvantaged. The administration and staff of the orphanage do all that they can to provide a safe, nurturing, and healthy home for the children but with extremely limited financial support from the government, their resources are often stretched thin.

This project would enable the purchase of two generators (which would provide back-up electricity when the power goes out) and 20 electric fans to provide relief from the extreme heat.

Progress toward goal:

Progress: 100%
Progress: 100%
Raised: $ 4203     Goal: $ 4200

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