Cyber Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Project - Philippines

Philippine ProjectLocation: Pabahay 2000, Brgy Muzon, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Beneficiaries: 150 sponsored children and youth n the area of Bulacan

Background: Pabahay 2000 (or Housing 2000) was established in 1997 as a government-initiated housing project for the victims of squatters’ demolition from different poor communities in the Manila metro area. Currently, there are 150 sponsored children in this area—47 in elementary school, 85 in high school, and 18 in college. They are required to use the Internet for school assignments and term papers in order to do well academically. Goal:

Without the proper education and training, children and young people who use the Internet are at risk of becoming victims of cyber sexual abuse. Without the knowledge of what signs to look for, how to respond, and who to go to for help, children using the Internet for everyday school assignments become easy targets for these predators. All the sponsored children, at every grade level, need this seminar for their self-protection every time they are using the Internet.

The seminar will be conducted in two age-appropriate batches—the first for Grades 1-8 and the second for Grades 9-12 and college students. The seminar will include team building exercises and the active participation of the children.

The project will be implemented during school or summer break (April and May) with the assistance of Child Protection Network in the Philippines.

Specific Objectives
  • To impart basic and important knowledge on how to spot and identify possible cyber sexual abuse
  • To provide significant information on how to battle and counter actual cyber sexual abuse
  • To present programs and resolutions of the government on how to proceed and report the experience of cyber sexual abuse
  • To develop camaraderie and self-confidence among Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines sponsored children and youth through team building activities during the seminar
  • To develop courage among sponsored children and youth to fight and report cyber sexual abuse to proper local government and private agencies for the protection of children

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