Housing Repair Project - Philippines

Philippines Housing Project
Philippines Housing Project

Location: Calapi Village, Pampanga, Philippines

Beneficiaries: 6 Sponsored Families and 6 Non-Sponsored Families

Background: Most of the families in Calapi Village in Pampanga lives in substandard homes or in makeshift houses with little hope of ever being able to afford repair or even being able to own a modest home.  A typical house in the area is made from surplus woods and roofs which require frequent repair. The families are at risk of acquiring disease from leaking roofs that make the house unclean.  Such condition attracts viruses that could be the cause of many types of diseases.

The project aims to support the families in improving their roofs that would help ensure safety during rainy days.  This would also support the recipients/beneficiaries with their housing problem specifically their leaking roof problem.  The project will ultimately contribute to improving the living conditions of families living in the area.

Progress toward goal:

Progress: 100%
Progress: 100%
Raised: $ 7580     Goal: $ 7584

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