Coats for Love: Provide Winter Outerwear to Prevent Children from Getting Sick in the Cold Weather

Coats for LoveLocation: Ban Nong Luang Village, Mae Ramard District, Thailand

Beneficiaries: 99 children between the ages of 3 months and 15 years old

Background: Children around the world dream of special gifts around the holidays—the children in Ban Nong Luang village in Thailand dream of having warm clothes to protect them from the cold weather in the highlands this winter. The cold, windy season lasts from December through March. Pearl S. Buck Foundation in Thailand and Pearl S. Buck International work in Ban Nong Luang and back in early fall noticed that due to the rain, wind, and cooling temperatures, many children were sick with colds, pneumonia, lung inflammation, asthma, and other respiratory disease. This village is located in the highlands with very few large trees to protect the area from the wind. In addition, the houses are made from pieces of wood with gaps that allow cold air to pass through. Due to these cold, windy conditions, difficulty in getting to the doctor, and poor nutrition and overall health, many of these children will continue to get sick with these respiratory diseases as winter progresses.

Goal: This project will provide the children in this village with the necessary winter outerwear to keep them from getting sick during the cold, windy winter months of December–March.

Specific Objectives
•    Provide 99 sets of jackets, hats, socks, gloves
•    Provide 99 blankets
•    Provide 30 warm suits for the school-aged children                

Project Goal Amount: $5,300

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