Vocational Education and Livelihood - Vietnam

Vietnam - Vocational Education and LivelihoodLocation: Orphanage in Hanoi

Beneficiaries: More than 78 abandoned children affected by HIV

Background: Children over 16 years of age living in this orphanage do not attend school or a vocational program because they are affected by HIV. The vocational training typically offered requires direct contact with customers (such as styling hair, applying beauty/make up products) and therefore, not available. In addition, there is the belief that gainful employment would be difficult for the students because of their compromised health. After studying current realities, market needs, and the abilities of the students, a plan to establish a photocopy shop was deemed a viable vocational opportunity for them.  It would provide training, teach business skills, and provide a path for employment that would change their lives by developing independence and providing a way to integrate into society.

Goal:  The goal of this project is to establish a photocopy shop to serve as a place to orient and train HIV affected orphaned children over the age of 16.  They will learn informatics, printing, and photocopying so that they can gain knowledge, experience, and independently run the photocopy shop until graduation from the orphanage. This will ultimately create employment opportunities and integration into the community so that they can then live independently.

Specific Objectives

  • To establish a photocopy shop and vocational training
  • To supply ample equipment and resources (computer, photocopier, stationary, supplies, rental, and advertising)
  • To secure internships so the students can work as trainees, learn the trade, and gain skills for employment
  • To provide career orientation for children under the age of 16-years old and living in the orphanage
  • To minimize the unemployment rate and dependence of the students after graduation from the orphanage
  • To promote the integration of the HIV-affected children in society.

Project Goal Amount:  $9,900

Progress toward goal:

Progress: 84%
Progress: 84%
Raised: $ 8357     Goal: $ 9900
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