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Setting Up Your Personal Page

So, we’ve told you that sharing a photo and telling a personal story are important, but, if you’re looking for some specifics we’re happy to share some ideas on what you can do to make sure your story works for your supporters.

  1. Upload a photo… of yourself. If you can tie it to the event, all the better.

  2. Create a personal url; do so by logging into your participant centre, choosing edit page, and clicking edit personal URL

  3. Have you made a donation to support your own campaign? Talk about it in your story. Let people know you’re not just looking for their support, but that you are supporting the cause too. Did you make a sizable donation? Challenge them to match it.

  4. Tell us why you’re participating. If you signed up for the Skydive why did you pick that event? What makes it your dream? Why is it important to you to support Parkinson’s was there something particularly meaningful in one of our partner with Parkinson’s stories that you want to share?
  5. Better yet does your Life List Challenge make you nervous? Why not sell it to your friends and family as a way to get watch you face your biggest fear? Sure, skydiving or bungee jumping, both sound like a lot of fun…unless you’re afraid of heights. Tell your friends and family that you pledge to conquer your fear in order to raise money for people living with Parkinson’s. It’s a fun way to take your Lift List Challenge to the next level and motivate your donors at the same time.

    People with Parkinson’s face challenges every day. Inspire them by showing how you face yours!

    Not comfortable for you, or not applicable? No worries. The point here is simple: try to find a creative way to tell your story and make it compelling for your donors to support you.

  6. Kickstarters work great as a concept because oftentimes people like to buy in at a certain level and reap the reward. Consider giving levels to encourage people to make specific gifts. Some examples:
  7. $20 A high five
    $50 Lunch on me
    $100 A Facebook shoutout
    $250 A photo of me holding a sign with your name before I jump out of the plane!
    $500 I’ll skydive in a ninja turtle onesie

  8. Share your personalized URL everywhere and you’re on your way to reaching your goal.

Want to see it in action? Below, you'll find a video example of a great Life Lists fundraising page:

For other successful campaigns, check out the updates on our Life Lists Leaders.

Once you're all set, you've just got to share your page and kickstart your campaign. You can post your personal URL on Facebook and Twitter, to start. Beyond that, a lot of successful fundraising has been done with Snapchat in the past. Record a quick vid calling on your friends to donate to your campaign and push it out there!