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Share: Life Lists Challenge

You’ve registered for your dream adventure, you’re daring others to share your passion and your commitment to raise money for the 100,000+ Canadians living with Parkinson’s.

Now, share the news and start fundraising.

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You’ll have the most success if you go viral out of the gate. Take advantage of our easy to access and use tools below to get started with your social media campaign.

On the note of going social, we've covered the conventional world of Twitter and Facebook, but, there are other tools as well. A few quick Instagram pics of your chosen Life Lists dream, or, a quick Snapchat vid directing people to your page to make a donation could help boost your fundraising totals, too!

Ask family and friends to spread the word. Sing the praises of your first big donation. Update your progress. Invite everyone to share your fundraising page for momentum. For more tips on fundraising with social media, check out our Top Ten List.

Let’s get started!

  • Pre-formatted emails to cut and paste? We’ve got you covered.
  • On that page, you’ll find proxy email messages your biggest supporters (like your parents, your boss, your significant other…) can use on your behalf.
  • Here are lots of general, short and exciting messages for all social media, including Twitter and Facebook.
  • Facebook ideas, templates, headers, pictures and other tools, click here.
  • Ready to talk the talk? Short Parkinson’s facts, figures and one-liner impacts to share with your donors and social networks, all here.
  • We have tons of great fundraising ideas, including tips on how to set up your personal page.
  • All this and more lives inside your ‘Fundraising Toolkit’ which is where you can find everything you need to make sure you meet your goal

Fundraising with Social Media

When it comes to fundraising, social media can be a great tool. Here are some tips to get you started. Contact us for more tools and tips on how to engage your social networks.

1. Connect with Life Lists Challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

2. Share using the sharing buttons on our website. Many pages on our Life Lists Challenge website have the sharing buttons which allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter and all your social networks. Clicking these links is a fast and convenient way to update your contacts!

3. Ask permission to have your workplace or other social organizations post, re-tweet, or otherwise share your message on Life Lists Challenge.

4. Empower your team via social media. Recognize the fundraising efforts of your peers and acknowledge team members via congratulatory messages.

5. Direct asks yield results. Make sure you’re asking your friends to do something. Use words like, “Donate now!” or “Share this!” Unless you’re direct, you won’t get results. Be clear: Make sure you include a brief explanation of how, why and where they can donate to you.

6. Challenge yourself and your team. You know what you need to qualify for your dream, now - let everyone know what it is. Tell them they’re the only ones who can help you reach that goal, while making a difference for Canadians living with Parkinson’s. Give them something to care about.

7. Personalize your approach. Why are you participating in Life Lists Challenge? Tell your friends why this is important to you, and why you need their support. Make it personal. You’re about to live a dream, share your excitement!.

8. Be thankful. If someone donates to your campaign, thank them publicly through social media, not only is it appropriate to thank your donors but doing so via social media is yet another reminder to your other contacts about the cause.

9. Hashtag your tweets and link back to the event on Facebook. Use the hashtag #LifeLists in your message to ensure people outside of your network see what you have written!

10. Enjoy your fundraising experience. Raising money and participating in Life Lists Challenge is exciting, a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. At the end of the day, feel good about what you’re doing for the cause, keep sharing it with others.