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You did it. Senators Snowe and Collins support New START!

Thank you.

For the past year, PSR Maine and field organizer Roger Fenn have built an extraordinary educational campaign that has engendered a growing bi-partisan consensus in Maine that nuclear weapons represent one of the biggest threats to human survival. Citizens throughout the state have called, e-mailed, and met with Senator Snowe's and Collins' offices to call upon their leadership on disarming nuclear weapons world-wide. On Friday, Senator Snowe’s (R-Maine) office contacted PSR to let us know directly that the Senator will be supporting New START.  Moments later, Senator Collins’ (R-Maine) office announced that she will also add her vote in favor of the ratification of New START.

With the support of these key Senators, we are getting close to the votes needed for ratification. Their public announcement makes it more likely that other Republican Senators will follow their lead.  The main hurdle now becomes the limited time that the Senate has remaining to bring up this important treaty.

Currently the Senate is set to recess on Friday, December 17th which is simply not enough time to consider all the legislation that remains on the Senate Docket for this year. Our final push for the year needs to be to make sure that both Democrats and Republicans hear that this vote must happen in this session.  This is the Senate that received the treaty, held hearings, and asked questions.  It is their clear responsibility to act on this treaty without further delay.  

Make a phone call to both of your Senators now.  Please note: the ask has changed.  Please thank Senators Snowe and Collins for their support of New START AND to urge them to lobby their party’s leadership to bring this up before the year end.  

With your help, we could be on the verge of a significant victory.

Talking Points:

  • Thank you for your leadership in announcing your support for the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.
  • We urge you to convince others in the Republican Caucus to follow your lead in supporting New START publically.