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Make a call to President (D) Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden's Office


Phone: (202) 456-1414


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  Log a call to President (D) Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden's Office

Stop the Dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline!

  • Here's a suggested script

Hi, I’m [name] from [city, state].  [If you’re a doctor or nurse, say so.]

I’m calling to ask President Obama to reject the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Tar sands are a terrible threat to our land, water and climate.  By greatly intensifying greenhouse gases, they would  increase the threat from heat waves, hurricanes, drought, and other weather extremes.

We need President Obama to stop the Keystone Pipeline before it’s built, to protect the environment and a livable climate on Earth.

Our nation should develop clean, carbon-free, renewable energy sources, not more fossil fuels.