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Ozone air pollution is killing us

President Obama last week rejected his own Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to strengthen national air quality standards for ozone, a dangerous air pollutant. 

Please call the White House:  202-456-1111.  Tell President Obama you are severely disappointed with this decision.

Tell him that polluters should pay for the harm they inflict on our health – not American families.

This is done

Make a call to President (D) Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden's Office


Phone: (202) 456-1414


District Phone:

  Log a call to President (D) Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden's Office

Talking Points:

  • I am deeply disappointed that President Obama rejected his own scientists’ recommendations to strengthen air quality standards for ozone.

  • Ozone is a highly dangerous pollutant.  It contributes to asthma attacks; decreases lung function; aggravates chronic and deadly lung and heart diseases, and can lead to heart attacks and premature death. 

  • Millions of Americans are vulnerable to ozone:  children and older people, people with chronic lung disease, including asthma, and people who work or exercise outdoors. 

  • Scientists estimate the proposed standard would save 12,000 lives, prevented 58,000 asthma attacks, and avoided 21,000 hospital and emergency room visits -- every year, year after year.

  • We should not have to shoulder the additional disease, hospital costs, time lost from work and school, and even deaths caused by ozone.  Polluters should pay – they are inflicting harm on our health.

  • Americans need and deserve protection from ozone.  The law requires it.  President Obama should stand for our health, not for corporate polluters.