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Prioritize Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

What is the Clean Power Plan?

On June 2nd, the Obama Administration proposed the first-ever national safeguards against carbon pollution from our nation’s aging power plants. The proposal will result in a 30% reduction of carbon pollution from existing power plants by the year 2030. The Clean Power Plan will lead to climate and health benefits worth an estimated $55 billion to $93 billion in 2030. Moreover it will prevent 2,700 to 6,600 premature deaths and 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.

Why now?

Carbon pollution is a main contributor to climate disruption, fueling superstorms, floods, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, and asthma-inducing smog. Illinois is already feeling the impacts of climate disruption. Over just the last five years there have been 11 natural disasters in Illinois. Additionally, in 2011 and 2012 alone, climate disruption and extreme weather events in Illinois cost $4.1 million in federal disaster relief.

What does this mean for Illinois?

This new plan to curb carbon pollution is being drafted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, but each state is in charge of its own implementation plan. This is a huge opportunity for Illinois to create jobs and invest in clean energy technologies, but only if we implement these new rules with an eye to public health, climate stability, and clean energy job creation. Gov. Quinn has already made a strong statement in support of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. On the day the rules were announced Gov. Quinn praised the plan, and noted that Illinois already has nearly 100,000 clean energy jobs.

We need to thank Gov. Quinn for his support of the Clean Power Plan and urge him to prioritize renewable energy and energy efficiency in Illinois’ state implementation plan. Please enter your zip code and add your name to the following petition.


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