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All of us, nationwide, are threatened by proposed mega-facilities for exporting coal to China.

Urgent: Contact your senators to avoid undermining Iran diplomacy

As early as this week, the Senate could vote on dangerous, saber-rattling legislation  that would impose new sanctions against Iran.

Please phone your Senators and urge them to oppose Senate Bill 1881.

Use this number for the Capitol switchboard: 202 224-3121.

The biggest points are:

  • Please don't get us involved in any more Mideast wars!
  • Additional sanctions legislation at this time will undermine diplomacy which is our best chance to stop Iran's nuclear bomb program.
  • The USA should hold up our end of the deal and seek a comprehensive agreement with Iran.

If you'd rather email your Senators,  below is a sample email.  Please edit it into your own language for the greatest impact.

If you want more information before you write your email, see the Letter from 10 Democratic Senate committee chairs to Harry Reid, a thorough analysis of the "first-phase" deal on Iran, from the Arms Control Association, and an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee co-authored by PSR Sacramento's Dr. Harry Wang.


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