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Fundraising Tips

Dance Marathon is a year round fundraising effort.  Besides students raising money via online giving and letter writing campaigns they can also hold several other fundraisers to help generate additional funds.  Here are some examples that have shown to be successful:

1.  Minute to win it

  At a school sporting event have your Dance Marathon committee use Riley Red buckets to go around the crowd for 1 minute collecting change.  Count the change and announce how much was raised later in the game.

2.  Class competitions/Penny wars

  The Dance Marathon committee can host a class competition, such as a penny wars, between each class in the school.  The competition could consist of which class could raise the most money in a week through online fundraising, cash and check donations, or homeroom donations.

3.  Teacher jean days

  Teachers can get in on the fundraising action too!  See if you’re administration will allow for teachers to pay $5/day for one week to wear jeans instead of their normal attire.

4.  Percent giveback night at restaurants

  Members of the Dance Marathon committee can go to your local restaurants to ask the managers if they would host a percentage giveback night for your school’s Dance Marathon. 

5.  Bake sale

  Host a bake sale where Dance Marathon committee members create sweet treats that are sold as a fundraiser for your Dance Marathon

6.  “Canning”

  Talk to your school’s administration and see if they would allow for you to use your Riley Red buckets to ask people for their change while they enter a school’s sporting event.  You can also ask local businesses to see if you could “can” by their entrance at certain times.

7.  Garage Sale

  The Dance Marathon committee can collect items that can be sold at a garage sale prior to your Dance Marathon

8.  Car wash

  Host a car wash at your school or a local business to raise funds for your Dance Marathon

9.  Battle of bands

  Host a Battle of the Bands concert for your local high school bands that benefits your Dance Marathon

10.  Stop the bop

  During your school’s lunch periods play an annoying song (such as MMMBop).  Make announcements that the music will not stop playing until a certain amount of money is raised during that lunch period.

11.  No Tricks, Just Treats

  Dance Marathon committee members can dress in costumes and trick-or-treat in their neighborhoods. Instead of asking for candy, use Riley buckets and ask for donations to Riley.
Participants must register before Halloween with their advisor and follow all campus rules and regulations. The committee can send a press release to the community or university newspaper prior to Halloween to make the public aware that students will be trick-or-treating for Riley.

12.  Rake for Riley

  Dance Marathon committee members can sign up to go to different neighborhoods to rake leafs for a donation to Riley.

13.  Icon Sales

  If a business does not want to donate directly or hold a percentage night, ask if they would be willing to sell Riley Wagon icons that the Dance Marathon committee could provide (would receive these from the Riley Children’s Foundation).