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- 2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Board of Managers

IUDM 2018

“IU Dance Marathon is home. I am most happy, most fulfilled, and having the most fun when I am serving IU Dance Marathon and the kids at Riley Hospital. As my dance marathon journey begins to wind down, I will strive to practice servant leadership and work tirelessly to leave this organization and the kids at Riley in a better place than I found them. I look forward to cherishing every day that I have the opportunity to do so. Simply put, IU Dance Marathon has changed me forever, and for that, I am so thankful.”

-David Luebbe, President


Hospital Relations | Marketing | Public Relations | Special Events

The Communications focus works to spread awareness through providing opportunities for our members to interact with Riley Hospital for Children, graphics and videos on social media, and organization wide events.


Accounting | Corporate Relations | Fundraising | Merchandising & Apparel

The Finance focus works year round to aid the entire organization with fundraising through corporate partnerships, canning and road rules, and apparel sales. 

“I dance to give everything I can back to an organization that has given me more than I could ever ask for. More laughter, more tears, more memories, more family & more perspective. Someone once told me, if you live to be 100 years old, college will only make up 4% of your life. Because of IUDM, I am confident that I am spending my 4% with the greatest people, serving the greatest mission there is.”

– Peyton Allan, VP Finance 


Entertainment | Hospitality | Logistics | Morale | Riley Development

The Internal focus is responsible for bringing the hype to the marathon and events throughout the year including the FTK 5k, events with our Riley families, and For The Kicks!

“‘If you want to change your life do dance marathon. If you want to change someone else’s life do dance marathon.’ I did my first dance marathon as a freshman in high school because as a Riley kid I wanted to give back and make sick kids lives better. I was hooked immediately and knew dance marathon was something I wanted to do for as long as I could. What I didn’t realize was how much dance marathon would change my life. It has given me a purpose, fulfillment, energy, and spirit that you can’t find anywhere else. I wouldn’t trade my past 8 years of involvement with dance marathon for the world.”

– Henry Curts, VP Internal 


Alumni Relations | Dancer Relations | Marathon Relations | Recruitment |Stewardship

The Membership focus puts tremendous efforts into ensuring our donors as well as future, present, and past members know how much we appreciate them. 

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