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- 2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Riley Development

Greetings and Welcome to our 2018 Riley Development Fundraising Page!


Let us show you what we are all about!


Riley Development is a unique committee in the sense that all 81 members are paired directly with IUDM’s Brave, Strong, and Courageous Riley Buddies who include current or former Riley Hospital patients and their siblings. Leading up to the marathon, the members of Riley Development work hard to foster supportive friendships with the Riley Buddies and their families year-round by throwing events including the Egg Hunt, the Spring Picnic and the Riley Family Brunch.

This year Riley Development needs your help to meet our goal of raising $206,538.81! This number is significant to us because during the 1997 Indiana University Dance Marathon, all the committees combined raised a total of $206,537.20 for the kids at Riley Hospital. We want to represent how IUDM has grown by raising more as one committee than the whole marathon did 21 years ago. The 81 cents at the end of our goal represents the 81 incredible, driven, caring and compassionate people who are going to accomplish it.


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