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- 2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2018 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations 2018

Thank you for visiting the Corporate Relations fundraising page!! The Corporate Relations Committee is in charge of handling all corporate sponsors secured through Indiana University Dance Marathon benefiting Riley Hospital for Children. We have the privilege of working with the all of IUDM to secure these sponsors. Our committee is made up of 60 amazing individuals who are all so excited for IUDM 2018! This year, we have our hearts set on raising $110,000 all “For the Kids.”


What is IUDM?

Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM) is the second largest student run philanthropy in the world raising more than $4.2 million in 2017. It is a year-long effort to raise money ending in a 36-hour Dance Marathon where we will be on our feet the entire time. IUDM benefits the amazing kids at Riley Hospital for Children located in Indianapolis, IN.




Our hearts belong to Riley…

Because those kids fight so hard 

Because we're FTK 

Because the kids 

Because they help kids beat the odds

Because they saved my little sister’s life

Because they fight for and love the kids

Because FTK 

Because it helps kids and families get a second shot at life

Because it gives kids the chance to be kids again

Because kids deserve nothing but happiness

Because children are the future of this world

Because the kids inspire us

Because kids are tough

Because children are the future





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