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- 2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Riley Development 2019
Riley Development 2019

Riley Development

Welcome to Riley Development 2019!

As a committee, Riley Development is IUDM's direct connection to the kids and families that Riley Hospital for Children treats. Year round we host events to spend time with these families and build a special connection that lasts a lifetime. 

Here is how some of our committee members describe Riley Development:

Inspiring, Compassionate, Selfless, Family, Light, Home.

This year our fundraising goal is $200,282. This goal will not only be a huge fundraising achievement for Riley D and IUDM, but it is an inspirational goal as well. 

The 200 resemebles the effort we will give every day. We are dedicated to give 200% effort each and every day we have because that is the effort the kids and families treated at Riley give everyday. They fight through some of the toughest battles, and still live life to its fullest. They deserve our full effort to support them.

282 is the number of days from our very first Riley D committee meeting till IUDM 2019. This number keeps us in persepective of how much time we have to impact this years marathon as Riley D, and make our mark upon this organization as a whole. 

If you feel so compelled to help us reach our goal and support Riley Hospital than you can donate here or visit any of our committee members personal pages and donate there. 

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