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- 2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon


Hospitality 2019

Welcome to the HospiTRILLlity 2019 team page!!!

This year the trillsquad consists of 54 crazy passionate, food loving, all around amazing and ~trill~ indivduals. We not only spend our year fundriasing for an incredible organization, but we also have the opportunity to contact local businesses and restaurants for food donations for the marathon! At IUDM 2019, you can find us serving up this delcious food to all of our incredible dancers!!

As a committee, our goal is to raise $91,210.54 all for the courageous kiddos at Riley Hospital for Children.

91 - IUDM was founded in '91

210 - the amout of calories in a strawberry poptart

54 -  the number of snacks on this committee

All 54 of us have our own reason(s) as to why we spend our time fundraising and dancing for the kids. If you feel compelled to help us reach our goal, feel free to donate here or visit any committee member's page!! Thank you in advance for supporting Hospitality, IUDM, and the kids at Riley.

FTK always, in all ways :)


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