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- 2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Corporate Relations fundraising page! The Corporate Relations Committee is in charge of handling all corporate sponsors secured through Indiana University Dance Marathon benefiting Riley Hospital for Children. We have the privilege of working with all of IUDM to secure these sponsors. Our committee is made up of 59 AMAZING people who are ready to kill it for IUDM 2019! 

This year we are setting our committee goal at $100,000 For The Kids! Through our amazing Fundraising Chair, Mia Miller, along with the rest of our chair team we KNOW we are going to hit this total and then some!  

 We have quite the setup this year when it comes to our chair team:

Leading us off with the Culture Subcomittee we have the dynamic duo of Courtney Britain and Olivia Hahn. They will be keeping us hype, excited, and ready for anything that may come our way. Look for them to design some amazing apparel and set up really fun events. 

Coming to us from the Entertainment Committee, we have Gus Serrani leading the charge with our Campus Education and Outreach Subcomittee. They will be helping everyone across IUDM understand how it is we get our sponsors and how they can get it themselves. So everyone hop on the Gus Bus, we are going for a ride. 

Our Sponsors are going to feel extra special and cared for this year by Kami Owens leading our amazing Stewardship Subcomittee. Anything that IUDM can do to help our sponsors feel noticed for their amazing help, they will do it.  

Have you been wondering how our sponsors feel incentivized to donate to us? Well look no further than Deborah Liberman leading our awesome Incentives Subcomittee. They are going to be handling all of the banners, custom SnapChat filters, and much more opportunities we offer our sponsors. 

Last but not least, we have the impressive Adam Rosenthall reaching out and acquiring small level Corporate Sponsors. He is already doing an amazing job with the Sponsorship's Subcomittee. 

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