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- 2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

2019 Indiana University Dance Marathon

Marathon Relations

The Constitution of the United States of MRica


We the committee members of Marathon Relations in order to help the children and families at Riley Hospital for Children, we mentor 19 high school marathon programs across the state of Indiana. Together we will fight for the next generation and continue to support the families of today.

Article 1: IUDM

Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM) is the second largest student run philanthropic organization in the nation and support Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1991, IUDM is the oldest Dance Marathon in the country and was started in honor of Ryan White. This past November, IUDM celebrated its 28th year and raised over 4.18 million dollars. Since our inception we have raised over 36 Million Dollars.

Article 2: Our Inspiration

Section 1: Ryan White

IUDM was founded in memory of Ryan White. He contracted AIDS through contaminated blood transfusions he received for hemophilia. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding and misinformation about AIDS led to the community ostracizing him and even banning him from attending school. However, Ryan used his situation and started educating people about AIDS and advocating for those with the disease. During his time crossing the country he befriended the likes of Elton John and Michael Jackson and became a national spokesperson on AIDS education. Sadly, Ryan passed away on April 8th, 1990 just before he was going to attend Indiana University. Jill Stewart, one of Ryan’s closest friends attend IU and started IUDM in his memory. We dance to honor Ryan’s fight against AIDS and miseducation as well as the courage he had.

Section 2: Ashley Louise Crouse

Ashley Louise Crouse was serving as the Vice President of Communication in 2005 on the Executive Council, when in April she passed away as a result of a sudden accident. After the accident, the Crouse family and her hometown of Carmel, Indiana rallied together to put on Carmel Dance Marathon. On February they 23rd, 2019 they concluded their 14th marathon with a tribute honoring Ashley’s legacy of kindness and celebrating her life. Within IUDM we honor Ashley by putting “ALC” on every article of clothing to remind us of our Angel looking over this organization and the Riley families. Each day we strive to live like Ashley and make everyone feel loved and appreciated.

Section 3: For the Kids

Each year Riley Hospital for Children will treat 300,000 kids from all over the world. The Riley kids and families receive care that goes beyond healing, Riley strives to heal the whole person and focuses on providing an environment where kids can still do school work, play and feel like as much as a kid as possible. The families have access to resources such as the Ronald McDonald house and in room beds so they can be close to their child while at Riley. IUDM takes the same approach with our Riley families and goes beyond fundraising to establish meaningful relationships with the families. The Spring Picnic, Easter Egg Hunt and Pumpkin Patch Outings are just a few events aimed at building these relationships and making the kids feel special. Riley Kids’ bravery and courage inspire us daily and keep us dancing.


Article 3: Our Goals

This year Marathon Relations has a goal of raising $1 Million dollars in conjunction with our partner schools. We also aim at raising hope and fostering passion at each one of our schools, in hope that our high school seniors will continue with dance marathon in college. At every marathon we strive to create a supportive and friendly environment to encourage our high school dancers and celebrate in their successes.


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