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Take the Pledge


  • Ms. Barbara Collura


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Take the Pledge!

Dear RESOLVE [Decision Maker],

I sign this pledge in recognition of the work that RESOLVE, its supporters and I will do together to ensure that people with infertility stop being ignored. I understand by taking part in one (or all) of these ideas, I can be part of the solution to stop the cycle of ignorance.

I pledge to...

* Recognize that infertility is a disease that affects 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age.
* Raise awareness through conversations about infertility with friends and family.
* Show compassion to others who are diagnosed with infertility.
* Get more involved with RESOLVE's advocacy, awareness or education efforts.
* Use RESOLVE's resources for myself or refer others in need to RESOLVE.
* Help people diagnosed with infertility find the resources and support they deserve.
* Stay connected to RESOLVE, even if I have reached resolution.

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