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Defeat SB 1433, Oklahoma's Personhood Bill

On Monday, February 6, the Oklahoma Senate Committee on Health and Human Services passed the Personhood bill, a bill that equates full rights of a human being to a microscopic embryo.  The full Senate passed the bill on February 15, 2012. It will now be heard in the Oklahoma HouseThis is an anti-family bill and we urge you to send a letter to every Oklahoma house representative today.

Send a letter right now opposing this bill.   This takes less than 5 minutes. PLEASE personalize your letter.  Representatives do not want a form letter.


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Vote NO on SB 1433

Dear [Decision Maker],

I respectfully urge that you vote "no" on SB1433 to show that Oklahoma does care about families. SB1433 is anti-family and will prevent couples in Oklahoma with infertility from being able to have families. Every state has defeated so called Personhood efforts because they are far reaching and anti-family. Let's do the same in Oklahoma!

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[Your Name]
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  • Representative Lee R. Denney
  • Representative Mike Brown
  • Representative Marian Cooksey
  • Representative Wade Rousselot
  • Representative Gary W. Banz
  • Representative Jerry Shoemake
  • Representative Jerry McPeak
  • Representative Ann Coody
  • Representative Jeannie McDaniel
  • Representative Ben Sherrer
  • Representative Lisa J. Billy
  • Representative Douglas 'Doug' G. Cox
  • Representative Mike Sanders
  • Representative Seneca 'Scott' Scott
  • Representative Dan Kirby
  • Representative Mike Ritze
  • Representative Charles L. Ortega
  • Representative Brian Renegar
  • Representative Ed Cannaday
  • Representative Sally Kern
  • Representative Todd Thomsen
  • Representative Jason Nelson
  • Representative Mike Shelton
  • Representative Mike Christian
  • Representative George E. Faught
  • Representative Richard D. Morrissette
  • Representative Lewis H. Moore
  • Representative Earl W. Sears
  • Representative John T. Enns
  • Representative Scott Martin
  • Representative Mark E. McCullough
  • Representative Jason W. Murphey
  • Representative Jeffrey 'Jeff' W. Hickman
  • Representative David Derby
  • Representative Eric Proctor
  • Representative Randy McDaniel
  • Representative Dennis Johnson
  • Representative Charles 'Charlie' C. Joyner
  • Representative Chuck Hoskin
  • Representative Scott Inman
  • Representative David Dank
  • Representative William 'Will' T. Fourkiller
  • Representative Pam Peterson
  • Representative Steve Kouplen
  • Representative Leslie K. Osborn
  • Representative Patrick 'Pat' Ownbey
  • Representative Steve E. Vaughan
  • Representative Tommy C. Hardin
  • Representative Jadine Nollan
  • Representative Glen Mulready
  • Representative David R. Brumbaugh
  • Representative Randy Grau
  • Representative Josh Cockroft
  • Representative Dustin P. Roberts
  • Representative John R. Bennett
  • Representative R.C. Pruett
  • Representative Dennis Casey
  • Representative James H. Lockhart
  • Representative Tom Newell
  • Representative Donald 'Donnie' A. Condit
  • Representative Elise Hall
  • Representative Sean Roberts
  • Representative Todd Russ