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I oppose SB 5

Please send the letter below to the Senate Health Committee asking them to vote NO on SB 5!


  • Senator Linda F. Coleman
  • Senator J.T. 'Jabo' Waggoner
  • Senator Paul D. Bussman
  • Senator Greg J. Reed
  • Senator Billy M. Beasley
  • Senator Cam Ward
  • Senator Tom Whatley
  • Senator Slade Blackwell
  • Senator Harri Anne Smith
  • Senator Gerald O. Dial


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I oppose SB 5

Dear [Decision Maker],

As someone who cares about people who are fighting the disease of infertility, I am greatly concerned about a pending bill, SB 5. This bill would redefine the term "person" to include microscopic embryos "at the moment of fertilization and implantation into the womb," at which point the newly fertilized, microscopic egg would have full legal rights. Because of its potential effect on fertility treatments, SB 5 could prevent men and women in Alabama from being able to have children. I urge you to oppose SB 5.

By equating microscopic embryos and born human beings, SB 5 has implications that pose a serious threat to infertility treatment. If microscopic fertilized eggs or embryos are full human children, anything that puts an embryo at risk could be a violation of law, even if its goal is the undeniable social good of helping someone have a baby.

SB 5 pursues goals that have little to do with infertility patients' best interests. This legislation is anti-family for us and for many citizens of Alabama and we urge you to vote against it.

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