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Mil-Con Conference Committee

Dear [Decision Maker],

I understand you are serving on the Conference Committee for the Mil-Con appropriations bill. I am your constituent and I want to be sure you are aware of my support of an amendment in the Senate version of the Mil-Con appropriations bill.

The Amendment appropriates funds for the Veterans Administration to offer family building medical care to our wounded Veterans who have trouble having children due to injuries they sustained while serving our country. We make a promise to our service members that we will take care of them. However, in one of the most fundamental areas of life, family, we are telling our Veterans their right to have a family does not matter.

Please, make sure this pro-family amendment stays in the final version of the bill. Let's keep our promise to our Veterans and show we care about them and their right to a family.

For more information, please contact RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association at

Thank you for caring about this issue and taking care of our Veterans.



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