Thank you for the Adoption Tax Credit

It is very important that you personalize your letter in the middle portion of the letter where you can change the text. Here are EXAMPLES of personal content that will make a difference:

  • When we adopted, finances were tight. I can’t imagine how we would have been able to pay for all of Emma’s medical needs if it hadn’t been for the adoption tax credit. 
  • My grandson, Jason, was adopted [from foster care, from Guatemala, as an infant]. This credit made it possible for my kids to grow their families. I’m forever grateful sweet Jason is a permanent part of our family. 
  • My husband and I plan to adopt in the next year. We’ve been [fostering Alex for 14 months, waiting for our child to come home from Ethiopia for 9 months, waiting for a birth parent to choose us.] We were planning on taking advantage of the adoption tax credit. Please don’t let it go away before our family grows. 
  • I believe this credit is good policy because it saves money. It costs far less to offer one time support to a forever family than to continue to care for a child in foster care for many years. 
  • I believe this credit is good policy because every child deserves a family. It’s good for kids and kids raised in safe, stable families becoming positive, contributing members of society. 
  • I believe this credit is good policy because a small investment in family leads to big savings. The costs of maintaining a child in care are far more. The costs of the hard outcomes kids without families face are costly too. It seems like a no-brainer! It’s good for kids and it saves money. Thanks for using taxpayer money kindly and wisely. I hope you’ll continue to support this credit. 


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Thank you for the Adoption Tax Credit

Dear [Decision Maker],

I live in your district and I want to thank you for the Adoption Tax Credit. Through this credit, Congress has been helping children find forever families since 1997; in 2012 Congress made the Adoption Tax Credit a permanent part of the tax code. Thank you! This is one of the most pro-family policies of the government and I appreciate that Congress has placed a high priority on moving children into permanent families.

Please remember this important tax credit as Congress considers tax reform this year. Thousands of families each year rely upon this credit to help move children into loving, permanent homes.

Thank you for your support of the Adoption Tax Credit.