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Keep all family building options available and legal

Dear [Decision Maker],

I wanted to make sure you saw the editorial about gestational surrogacy in the Star-Tribune, "Minnesota needs clarity on surrogacy laws, " published on February 13th. I hope you understand why it's important to keep this family building option available for the 1 in 8 couples struggling to build their families in Minnesota.

As your constituent, I hope you will support bipartisan legislation that protects all participants without restricting access to those who need medical help to have a child. SF 707, introduced on February 6th, accomplishes that and reflects the consensus points reached by Commission members, including:

1) Mental health/physical exams for gestational carrier candidates;

2) Mental health exams for intended parents;

3) Independent legal representation for gestational carriers and intended parents to ensure everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities and no one is being taken advantage of; and

4) Clarifying Minnesota's parentage law so that intended parents don't have to incur the expense of adopting their own child, which occurs in many Minnesota counties because of the lack of a clear state standard.

Such positive regulation ensures that gestational surrogacy remains available in Minnesota and is conducted in a manner that protects all participants.

This is an issue that is very important to me and the 113,000 Minnesotans struggling to build their families, and I appreciate your support of this pro-family legislation, which will be introduced in the House soon as well.