SB 1153/HB 1406 is Anti-Family

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SB 1153/HB 1406 is Anti-Family

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Tennessee resident I care about the rights of all families, especially those who need medical help to have children. I am outraged that legislation has been introduced that would deem donor sperm conceived children as illegitimate and I urge you to oppose SB 1153/HB 1406.

This bill calls for the repeal of a current statute that a child born to a married woman as a result of artificial insemination, with consent of the married woman's husband, is the legitimate child of the woman and her husband. This bill will deny infertile couples who use donor sperm the automatic right and legitimacy of their children that the current statute has afforded for 40+ years and opens discrimination against married women who need donor sperm to build their family.

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples and is fraught with obstacles, without the additional uncertainty or fear that the child they are working so hard for will be deemed illegitimate.

I urge you to urge the sponsors to withdraw this bill or to vote No on SB 1153/HB 1406 so that would-be parents who need donor sperm to build their family don't face the additional obstacle of illegitimacy. Please listen to the needs of the infertility community and do not interfere with their right to have a family.