Co-Sponsor S. 3148 and A. 02646

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Co-Sponsor S. 3148 and A. 02646

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am your constituent and am writing to ask you to co-sponsor a bill that will help the many New Yorkers who are struggling to build their families in our state.

One in 8 couples in the U.S. has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy -- that's more than 441,000 New Yorkers. Infertility affects men and women equally and does not discriminate.

The Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act, S. 3148 and A. 02646, updates a current statute that was passed in 2002 so that it complies with current medical standards of care. The bill includes coverage for IVF, the most advanced medical treatment for infertility, and coverage for fertility preservation treatments that now allow women and men to preserve their fertility before undergoing cancer treatment or other medical procedures. This simply updates current law to incorporate new and more widely practiced medical procedures. The current statute from 2002 is inadequate to provide the best outcome for parents and their offspring. In fact, IVF insurance can decrease the chance of multiple births, and lowering multiple births decreases overall health care costs and results in healthier babies and healthier moms.

I hope you will co-sponsor this pro-family bill on behalf of the 1 in 8 couples in your district who are struggling to build their families and for patients whose cancer may impact their fertility.