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Support family building in New York

Dear [Decision Maker],

I wanted to make sure you saw the letter to the editor in the Times Union about anti-family statutes in New York, "Reproduction options limited by state laws," published on September 30th. I hope you understand why it's important to update New York's archaic laws that limit family building opportunities for the 1 in 8 couples struggling to build their families in our state.

As your constituent, I hope you will support the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (S 3148A and A 2646A) to add IVF coverage, and fertility preservation for cancer patients, to New York's insurance law, as well as the Child-Parent Security Act (S 17A and A 6959A), which legalizes gestational surrogacy in the state.

These two bills bring New York in line with 21st-century medical treatment and family building and are very important to me and the more than 440,000 New Yorkers struggling to build their families.

I hope to be thanking you in 2018 for finally making family building a priority in New York State.