Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is their a registration fee?

A: No, however riders under the age of 14 must raise a minimum of $50 and riders 14 and over must raise a minimum of $200.


Q: Can I have a team of 2?

A: No, all teams must consist of 4 or more riders.


Q: Do I need to wear a helment?

A: YES! All riders must wear helments.


Q: Is there food provided during the event?

A: YES! Pre-ride and post-ride snacks will be available on the Riverview grounds. There will be a bagged lunch for all riders after the ride.


Q: Can my children attend the ride?

A: YES! We have a 5km Family Ride and will have activities for kids of all ages before and after the ride.


Q: Where can I park?

A: All parking bans will be lifted the day of the event. Please feel free to park anywhere on the surrounding streets.