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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for supporting the efforts to prohibit the Pentagon from instituting new enrollment fees and raising existing fees. The new problem being faced is a proposed increase to the military's pharmacy program.

Prescriptions may be an expense to the Department of Defense, but drug therapy reduces overall medical costs. Increasing copayments as suggested by the Pentagon will cause beneficiaries to not refill prescriptions, worsening their health.

The members of the Uniformed Services shouldn't be carrying the burden of a deficit which is paying for programs for the population as a whole. It's unfair to raise the TRICARE's health care costs by thousands of dollars after career service members have made sacrifices to accomplish what the Nation has asked of them.

I am aware that a budget crisis faces this nation, and that no segment of the population should be exempt, but...

Retirees and serving members have earned this benefit, and it should not have it altered. Please do not support any imposition of any additional fees on this group that has sacrificed enough.

Thank you for your ongoing support for those who have served in the uniformed services.

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