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Just days remain before sequestration takes effect. On March 1, 2013 the Department of Defense, which represents about 19 percent of the Federal Budget will absorb 50 percent of the arbitrary cuts from the sequester.

What lies ahead? "Disaster" to quote Secretary Panetta, who has warned Congress that if the automatic cuts of sequestration are allowed to take effect then the number of U.S. ground troops would fall to pre-1940 levels; the Navy would have the smallest number of ships since 1915; and the Air Force would be the smallest ever.

Similar warnings have been made to Congress by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both by letter and in testimony. In a letter to Congress of February 20th, the Secretary forewarned that "the Defense Department will be forced to forego critical objectives."

Pentagon officials have further stated that force readiness would be damaged, major acquisition programs slowed, and massive civilian furloughs necessitated. Impacts that Secretary Panetta said "will do real harm to our national security." And to the serving men and women who provide it.

The Department of Defense faces a trigger of an additional $500 billion in budget reduction starting on 1 March 2013 unless Congress finds an offset or agrees to reconciliation or a delay.
Over one million defense workers are being notified about layoffs. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimated that sequestration will result in a half a percent reduction to America's already meager economic growth. Others suggest it could trigger a double dip recession.

We recognize that our best hope of diminishing the national security impact of sequestration is through bipartisan efforts and finding a legislative instrument either now or at least before the continuing resolution (CR) expires at the end of March.

We also urge you to enact defense and veterans appropriations, either separately or as part of a new CR through the end of the 2013 fiscal year.

As citizen warriors, Reserve Component members have a firm grasp on our defense needs as well as a keen civilian perspective on individual and local economic impacts of these cuts.

Please support a quick resolution and contact other elected officials from your State to help resolve this problem.

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