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First Annual GAP Charity Poker Event

A year ago I couldn’t tell you a single detail about ALS or what it entailed. I knew that people were dumping buckets of cold water on their heads to raise awareness and funds, but otherwise had no knowledge of the disease. Fast forward 6 months and I was scrambling, scared and faced with the daunting task of dealing with my mother-in-law being diagnosed with this awful disease. In addition to the diagnosis, we learned it was the rarest form of ALS, a form that is passed from generation to generation through a faulty gene. As my family deals with the day to day struggle of what this disease does to a loved one, there is a looming shadow that is difficult to discuss the fact that my wife and children could possibly be faced with the same fate in the future.

Because of what we have been through the last 6 months and the struggle we will face in the months ahead, I have a newfound awareness of what is quite possibly the worst disease imaginable. Please consider joining Georgia Agency Partners in devoting your time and resources to supporting our mission to raise awareness and funds for 2 wonderful organizations dedicated to supporting patients and finding a cure. The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research is a preeminent organization that is on the forefront of finding a cure for ALS by supporting and funding the research of doctors and health providers dedicated to ridding the world of this disease. The Packard Center has graciously agreed to earmark half of the proceeds raised for our local Emory ALS clinic, whom they partner with closely and support daily. We will also be benefitting the Georgia Chapter of the ALS Association, which helps local families with the day to day struggles that face patients, like providing proper equipment to make life easier, providing guidance and counseling, organizing support groups for patients and families and much, much more. ~Trae Vaughan

Thank you for your time and your gift! You are integral in helping Georgia Agency Partners support finding a cure for ALS and helping the patients dealing with it each day! 

Checks can be made out to: “The Packard Center for ALS Research” or simply “The Packard Center”

Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins
ATTN: Suzie Connelly/GAP Poker Tournament
5801 Smith Avenue | McAuley Suite 110
Baltimore, MD 21209-3652

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