Weekly Fitness Challenges

Each week, we will be adding a new fitness challenge to keep you moving throughout the month. The fitness challenges will all connect back to an aspect of domestic violence and provide concrete steps to preventing and treating domestic violence in our community.

Come back for details every Monday.  As you complete the challenges, don't forget to take photos of your team participating and upload them to our shared Marathon Month album

  • Week 1, October 5th: Mind/Body
  • Week 2, October 12th: Air/Ab Cycling
  • Week 3, October 19th: Wall Workout
  • Week 4, October 26th: Listen & Support

Domestic Violence Is…
Domestic violence (DV) is a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. DV can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and education level.

October 19th: Weekly Challenge #3--The Wall
In week 3, we're highlighting the barriers to leaving that so many survivors face when in abusive relationships. They are often asked ‘why don’t you just leave?’ Abusers are manipulators who create barriers to leaving that include: emotional and financial dependency; threats of violence against the victim, their children, or other loved ones; isolation; and a lack of resources. Through this challenge, our goal is to recognize the many barriers or "walls" that prevent survivors from leaving and also celebrate the strength of those who are working to overcome them.

** Challenge ** hold the wall sit position for 30 seconds to 1 minute or more!
October 12th: Weekly Challenge #2--The Cycle
In week 2, we're highlighting the cycle of abuse (tension building; crisis phase; calm/honeymoon phase) that is normalized in so many DV relationships and also talking about the intergenerational cycle of violence (abuse tends to be a learned behavior that is perpetuated from generation to generation as abusive relationship become viewed as 'normal' by children living in violent households). Through this challenge, our goal is to not only promote awareness of the cycle of abuse so we can work together to end it, but also celebrate the strength of survivors who have overcome it.
** Challenge: do as many reps of 10 bicycle crunches as you can or do any other cycling-related challenge: family bike ride, cycling class, etc.!

October 5th: Weekly Challenge #1 – Warm Up/Cool Down
While Domestic Violence is often associated with physical abuse, it can also include sexual, emotional, economic, and psychological actions or threats of actions that cause fear by intimidation and coercion.
Some of the same training techniques that we use to improve our bodies can also strengthen our emotional and psychological fitness This week, try to practice these exercises daily:
Warm-Up each morning with a self-affirmation or daily intention to build confidence and courage.
Cool Down every day with the mindfulness exercise in this video to better manage stress and gain fresh perspective on situations.

To learn more about the Domestic Violence services Richstone provides, please visit: www.richstonefamily.org




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