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Colorful Multi Strand Seed Bead Bracelets-Warm Tones

These colorful 3 strand bracelets add a fun pop of color, with a great mix of textures and tones. They feature a mix of glass seed beads, crystals, semi precious gemstones, and Czech glass beads. 

Many of these run larger than our other bracelets; if you are smaller boned, the 9" ones may be worn as an anklet instead! Please refer to the lengths carefully when ordering--this is the measurement from the end of the lobster clasp to the jump ring on the opposite end when the bracelet is laid out straight. Each one is unique and one of a kind. Be sure to grab your favorite before it's gone!

This listing is for the pink, orange, and yellow bracelets. The green, blue, and purple ones can be found in the next listing: Colorful Multi Strand Seed Bead Bracelets-Cool Tones. 

RhaveeBLcollectionFullSizeWebRes.jpg   RhaveeBLcollectionDetailFullSizeWebRes.jpg

Full Collection        Detail 

RhaveeBLpinkRoundbeadcharmFullSizeWebRes.jpg   RhaveeBLpinksmallcharmFullSizeWebRes.jpg

Pink A: 9" in length                     Pink B: 8 1/2" in length 

RhaveeBLpinkSquarebeadcharmFullSizeWebRes.jpg   RhaveeBLcoralFullSizeWebRes.jpg

Pink C: 8 1/2" in length         Orange: 8 3/4" in length 

RhaveeBLyellowFullSizeWebres.jpg   RhaveeBLyellowblackFullSizeWebRes.jpg

Yellow A: 9" in length         Yellow B: 8" in length 


Blue & Yellow: 7 3/4" in length 

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