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Your Representative Has a Chance to Improve Active Transportation Nationally

Ask That Trails, Walking and Biking Be Enhanced in Our Transportation System

Congress has begun drafting the next multi-year transportation bill, meaning now is a critical opportunity to impact how our nation’s transportation priorities will shape up for the coming years and beyond.

One common way in which representatives show their support for specific policies is through a “dear colleague” letter. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) has drafted such a letter for all representatives to send to the leadership of the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee that would indicate their support for more trails, walking and biking funding. This request includes funding for RTC’s 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation.

Please ask your representative to sign this important letter, below.

Time is of the essence. This is our best opportunity yet to get in on the ground floor. If the T&I committee leadership receives enough of these letters, it will be clear that Americans want better transportation choices.

Investing more in trails, walking and biking makes clear sense. Economically, we could save tens of billions of dollars nationally if more people were able to walk and bike to get where they’re going.

Securing enough signatures on these letters could define our nation’s transportation priorities for years to come.

Please personalize the letter below. Even a short personal note makes your letter stand out from the crowd and gives it additional weight.

Thank you.

Please do NOT act if your representative is listed below; these individuals are already associated with the letter. Find out who your representative is, here.

  • Rep. Lipinski (Ill., 3rd)
  • Rep. Oberstar (Minn., 8th)
  • Rep. Mica (Fl., 7th)
  • Rep. DeFazio (Ore., 4th)
  • Rep. Duncan (Tenn., 2nd)
  • Rep. Donna Edwards (Md., 4th)*
  • Rep. Pascrell (N.J., 8th)*
  • Rep. Filner (Calif., 51st)*
  • Rep. Norton (D.C.)*
  • Rep. Gwen Moore (Wis., 4th)*
  • Rep. Clay (Mo., 4th)*
  • Rep. Yvette Clarke (N.Y., 11th)*
  • Rep. Fattah (Penn., 2nd)*

* These representatives have already signed the letter. 


  • Your Representative


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Thank you,
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