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Ask Your Elected Officials to Defend Trails Now!

Right now, a select committee of 34 Congressional representatives and senators is meeting to decide the future of America’s transportation system.

At risk in the current debate are the three core federal programs—Transportation Enhancements (TE), Recreational Trails (RTP) and Safe Routes to School (SRTS)—that are fundamental to developing trails, walking and bicycling infrastructure in communities across the country.

If these programs are undercut, Congress will dismantle the opportunity to build on years of incredible progress in creating communities that serve the transportation needs of all citizens. Short-sighted steps now will cost communities, individuals and local businesses—all of whom benefit enormously from investment in trails, walking and biking—for generations to come.

So as the conference continues in the next week or two, we need to keep our message strong and clear. Our primary goals are to:

  • Press for dedicated funding for trails, walking and bicycling;
  • Advocate for limiting new TE eligibilities that would divert resources away from efforts to improve the transportation system;
  • Preserve greater local access to TE and Safe Routes to School funds, including increased decision-making authority in larger jurisdictions.

If you have an elected official on this list, we encourage you to contact him or her today to stress that options for walking and bicycling are important to you and your vision for a cleaner, healthier and active America. Tell them to support TE, SFTS and RTP now!


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