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Stop Sen. Rubio's Attacks on Trail Funding

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The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is the top source of federal funds for trails, biking and walking programs for cities and towns across the country.

But Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) wants to eliminate this important—and already underfunded—program that helps connect neighborhoods and provide communities with cost-effective transportation choices.

TAP, which includes the Recreational Trails Program and the Safe Routes to School Program, has funded more than 26,000 projects since 1992. Trails and facilities for biking and walking provide important health benefits, safely connect families to work and schools and significantly contribute to local economies.

Sen. Rubio’s amendment was not taken up by the Senate, but this is not the first time he has tried to eliminate funding for trails, biking and walking. That’s why Sen. Rubio needs to hear from Floridians like you.

Take action now! Tell Sen. Rubio to stop his attacks on the Transportation Alternatives Program.


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