21st Annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention

Welcome to the BeCause team page!
Welcome to the BeCause team page!


This year, the BeCause team is running together for the sixth time. We are passionate about running, mental wellness, and suicide prevention. Please see our individual fundraising pages for more information about our personal stories.

A few years ago in the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, Mary noticed how helpful running was for her emotional recovery and healing. She hypothesized that the activity of running is a means of healing and prevention, particularly for mental health and wellness. Mary was a cross country athlete in high school and college and considers herself to be a life-long runner.

For years, Kendra has known the power of running and exercise for mental well-being, which she began regularly with running and yoga after the loss of her mother. When she met Mary as colleagues in the mental health counseling master’s program at UMass Boston, as well as the Life Matters suicide prevention research team, the two discussed how to better understand how training and fundraising for a running race (like the Samaritan’s 5K) for a particular cause may be a prevention measure for reduction in suicide-related behavior, depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. Project BeCause was born!

Although the two have not been able to find an interested partnering organization for such research, their interest in fundraising and training for running races has not waned. Therefore, we hope that you will consider donating to the BeCause team under your favorite participant’s individual page. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts and for donating to such an important organization.

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