20th Annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention



Welcome to TEAM CHOWDER's fundraising homepage for the Samaritans 5K, in memory of my dad, Jim Howder. This year's event is happening on Saturday, September 29th,10:00 am at Artesani Park,1255 Soldiers Field Rd. in Brighton, MA.  We are participating in the 5K to raise funds and awareness for Samaritans, a suicide prevention organization serving Greater Boston and Metrowest.  Our main goal is to break the Stigma of Suicide.  Let's do it together!  Registration is only $35 to walk, $40 to run.

All proceeds help fund Samaritans life saving services, including its 24/7 Helplines, Community Education Outreach, and Grief Support Services for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. These vital services are available locally to the families, friends and neighbors, free of charge. Samaritans answers calls from Greater Boston, MetroWest, the State Wide toll free number, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

You can help us prevent suicide by supporting our team through a donation or by joining our team at the event. Click "Donate Now" to make a donation and help us reach our fundraising goal, or click "Join This Team" to register for the event as a member of our team. We hope that you are able to join us at this amazing event!

Thank you so much! 

Quotes from Teammates: 

*** "When I was 10 years old my mother told me she lost her stepmother to suicide. I was horrified. Terrible images flooded my mind at bedtime. When I was 17 my sister’s good friend took his life. I will never forget how she dropped to the floor and screamed. Eight years ago my husband lost his best friend to suicide and he left a note. I have never seen my husband so distraught. When I met my good friend Carrie and she told me her father took his life, again, I was distraught. I was more than ready to pitch in to help her raise money for the loss of her father Jim via the Samaritans. Raising money and running for the Samaritans has given me a chance to learn about suicide instead of fearing it. Preventing it instead of isolating thoughts of ‘why?’ and dark images about suicide. I am happy to help my dear friend who has suffered from the loss of her Dad and to make new memories in his name. Thank you Carrie Howder for all you do to help support this disease!!" ~ Mary Holway

*** "At the time I joined Team Chowder, I didn’t personally know anyone affected by suicide. However, when I saw this bright sunshiny co-worker of mine advertising that she runs for the Samaritans in honor of her father who had committed suicide I thought “WOW, how brave is she to put her story out there, by trying to break the stigma and trying to help others. I thought to myself, that’s how it should be! I want to be a part of that group! More people need to know, it’s okay to ask for help and that there are lots of resources for them and that Samaritans is one of them. I decided to join the group and shortly after I did I ended up having to call the Samaritans myself for someone very close to me who was on the brink of suicide. The Samaritans helped me with some advice and coping skills for which I am very grateful for! As long as I am able, I want to continue to be part of Team Chowder and to break the stigma of suicide!"

*** "Please help us save and support those at risk of suicide. Contribute your donation now to the Samaritans by supporting Team CHOWDER. Help us prevent suicides and support families who have experienced tragedy." ~ Neil Salamack

*** "I don't have any children of my own but I adore the young people in my life. Unfortunately, some of those kids struggle with depression and anxiety on top of the challenges of growing up in today's world. I run with Team Chowder so that if there ever is a need, the support Samaritans provides will be available to them. They're too fantastic to lose." ~ Kelley Farr

Massachusetts is one of the 25 states to have seen the suicide rate increase by more than 30 percent between 1999-2016. cited from Belmont Patch

Effects of Suicide on Family Members, Loved Ones - https://www.healthyplace.com/suicide/effects-of-suicide-on-family-members-loved-ones


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